Thursday, February 2, 2012


Bowen West Guzman

Born 1-21-2012

6 lbs. 4 oz

18 inches

Absolutely Perfect

Even though Bowen was 19 days early, he was expected at any time. Sawyer was early too and I was feeling every symptom I had the day Sawyer was born a week before Bowen's debut. In fact, I had a spa pedicure the day before I went into labor with Sawyer so I scheduled a spa pedicure this time around and went into labor the next day! I don't know if that had any correlation but it's my thing now :)

I was expecting this labor to go even faster since that's what people kept saying and since Sawyer was so fast. I arrived at the hospital and about 12 hours later Bowen finally arrived! I had an epidural this time and it completely stopped my contractions and dilation, ugggg. So I had to get pitocin and then I could still feel all the contractions on my left side! Maybe it works out for some people but I'm not a huge fan of the epidural after having 1 natural birth and one with "help." Nevertheless, Bowen arrived healthy and perfect so we couldn't be more blessed!

He was supposed to regain to his birthweight by 2 weeks but at his first appointment 5 days after his birth, he had already made it back to his birthweight and added 4 ounces! That's our little chow hound!

Giacomo has been on vacation at grammie and papa's house to make it easier on me for a little bit but he came to visit. When he came in the door he immediately kissed Bowen then ran upstairs. Such a good boy, I'm sure he'll have no problem adjusting when he comes back home. Sawyer is an amazing brother and loves to "pet" Bowen and give him kisses. He asks where Bowen is all the time and loves being close to him :) We try to make Sawyer feel extra special and praise him for all the wonderful things he does for his brother. So far we've been pleasantly surprised by his reaction to his brother's arrival! I can't wait to see these boys become best friends!

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